What do Greek women need for happiness

If you accidentally find yourself on January 8 in the north part of Greece, you’ll confuse the current date to International Women's Day. This day is a national holiday celebrated by women or rather, it is a female festival called Yinekokratia.The epicenter of the festival areMonoklisia and Nea Petra villages. There gather women from all the country. Greek tradition is not quite like the traditional Women's Day. Men embark on the chores around the house and raising children, and their halves provide well-deserved rest day.

It is not opposed to the ladies to rest «manly». For example, it is not forbidden to take this opportunity in the morning to go to the gatherings in kafenio. It is a Greek cafe placed in the central city squares, quays, and sometimes on the small shady streets. To rate the fact of the presence of women in such cafe is possible only after you penetrate the spirit of Greek culture and understand what are these kafenio for the Greeks: they are usually filled only by men.

In general, the social status of Greek women today has noticeably rise. Previously, even 10-15 years ago, women in the vast majority stayed at home with children. Now there are women in Greek politics and in business so it is no longer regarded as something out of the ordinary. Many Greek women after the birth of children go to work, though the quite decent child benefits, but the system of pre-schools is poorly developed. Perhaps that is why Statistics counts 60% of housewives among Greek women.

Greek women are allowed to serve in the army. No coercion, unlike the case with men — only a purely voluntary basis. Getting married a Greek woman may keep her maiden name. And in a divorce all property is divided between husband and wife equally. Since 1982, Greece officially allowed civil marriage. But in spite of this fact, more than 90% still prefer to get married in church.